Hair loss, an enemy of beauty. Causes and remedies

Hair loss is a problem facing both men and women. When the hereditary factor and improper care are out of the question, the loss of a large number of hairs can give us information about the condition of the organism.

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Hair loss - Tressurge Hair Regrowth Treatment

Tressurge Hair Regrowth Treatment

Tressurge Hair Serum Formula.

Tressurge uses a clinically proven formula that has been demonstrated to act as a catalyst for hair growth and stimulation of follicles. All natural biotin complexes and extracts absorb directly into the scalp, nourishing follicles and working to strengthen and stimulate new growth.

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Hair Regrowth Treatment

Increase Hair Length and strengthen roots

If you suffer from hair loss and dandruff, we recommend the Tressurge Hair Regrowth , which not only releases dandruff hair, but also strengthens it from the roots.

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Proper treatment: so stop hair loss

These tips and remedies will help you to combine all forms of hair loss:

    Catching hair in the tail and braids should be avoided, as they exert too much pressure on the hair. Drying with very hot air and frequent use of hair brush can also cause hair loss. Make sure you don’t stress your hair any more than you need to. Give your body what it needs, namely a lot of vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet must be rich in fruits and vegetables and contain nuts, soybeans, root vegetables and carrots.
    Avoid stress and enjoy a break from time to time. If cortisol levels, androgens and prolactin are high, you need to urgently change your lifestyle and integrate regular breaks into your daily routine.
    Hair loss often signals a deficiency of vitamin D. By increasing the intake of vitamin D hair is stimulated by receptors in the follicles. If you suffer from hair loss, perform as soon as a blood test to detect the causes in advance. Iron supplements and vitamins B6 and B12 can also help to slow down hair loss. In case of diffuse loss dietary supplements can be of great help. Treatments with a significant content of vitamin B, zinc, certain amino acids and silicon should be followed for four to six months on a regular basis. Address your dermatologist to recommend the right products. Combining a local treatment with a balanced diet and nutritional supplements will transform your hair loss into a distant memory! If the treatment comes unfortunately too late, there is always the option of a hair transplant.

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About hair loss

Any hair loss in excess of 10% of all hair at any point of time can be called abnormal hair loss and may require treatment or special care. Hair loss can occur on account of any of the following:

  • Side Effects of medication
  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Infection of the scalp
  • Physical uprooting of hair because of poor head gear or bands
  • Genetic reasons
  • The hair loss on account of any specific reason like medication, abnormal hormone levels or infection of scalp can be treated. The most troublesome and the most common forms of baldness is the common male/female baldness in which the hair recedes along the temples and the forehead in case of men and recedes in density all over in case of women. Such baldness is usually genetic. Genetic baldness is usually caused by an enzyme alpha reductase that converts testosterone to dehydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT leads to shrinking of hair follicles. This results in generation of thinner and weaker strands of hair that fall off very quickly.

    The special herbal hair care product Renew contains a group of herbs that provide overall scalp and hair root nutrition and also help in the control of dandruff. The special herbs in Renew help in stopping hair follicle shrinkage. Regular use leads to reversal of shrinkage and hair gain. Renew is helpful in all kinds of hair loss situations. Renew is available in the form a hair oil that has to be applied locally. Local application means that unlike when systemic hair loss medicines like Fenasteride and dutasteride, hair growth does not happen in undesirable areas like the back or the bums. Massaging of hair and scalp with Renew provides additional nutrition to the scalp and prevents hair loss. Massaging also increases the blood circulation in the scalp and this keeps the hair roots strong.

    Part your hair and apply Renew all over the scalp, massage the scalp gently with fingers in a circular motion so that the oil gets absorbed into the scalp. Leave for an hour and then wash with mild shampoo if required. Alternatively you could apply Renew to your hair and scalp before going to sleep and then wash your hair in the morning. Renew has no known side effects.

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